Videos that blew me away – Part 1

Being a child of the music video revolution, I still seek them out.  Here are a bunch that absolutely blew me away.  Visually interesting, at the very least.

Stereogram – Walkie Talkie Man

I first heard this song as an iPod commercial, and saw the video one day on MTV2…. you know, when THEY played music videos (they don’t as much anymore).  I thought the entire video being knitted was just plain cool.

Hugh Cornwell – Another Kind of Love

Hugh was the lead vocalist for a band called The Stranglers.  This was his solo debut, and yes, I know, the song is kind of boring.  This video came many years after the Sledgehammer video by Peter Gabriel, but its combination of stop-motion claymation and live action was far more interesting.

Regina Spektor – Us

You know, I don’t JUST like stop-action.  Regina Spektor is a very classy lady, and this is a very classy video.  And I love how she unfolds and plays the piano!

Pixies – Velouria

It’s said that it took the Pixies about 30 seconds to make this video.  It’s simplicity is probably why MTV didn’t initially air the video.  Anyway, I urge you to watch their faces, because some of them are really interesting.

Bob Dylan – Subterranean Homesick Blues

This was the trailer for a Bob Dylan documentary film called Don’t Look Back.  And the first time I saw this video it was just so… simple.  And a lot of the words were wrong.  And when I say that INXS had done the same f*cking thing with Mediate, I was one of the few people in my little circle of friends who was furious and thought it was a ripoff.   However, to give INXS their due….

INXS – The Gift

A later song of theirs (Full Moon, Dirty Hearts, which was a big US flop), but this video has so many elements that blow me away – The explosions! The faces being ripped off!  Andrew Farris air-drumming throughout the video!!! I personally don’t think the band ever looked more bad-ass.

The Ting Tings – Shut Up And Let me Go

I don’t want to hear anyone say “But the White Stripes did this with Seven Nation Army! What a ripoff” because the Ting Tings did it so much better, and they did it with their hands, and they did it bi-directionally.  Plus they used their hands!!!!!!!  The fighting!  The brief 3-D moments!  The fact that the lead singer looks like a blonde version of a friend of mine!!!! Another iPod song with a very cool video!


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