27 December 2012 – Phillip Phillips – Home – over on Wicked Guilty Pleasures

Ahhh back to the guilty pleasure goodness after a month of holiday cheer…

It’s funny how most of my Wicked Guilty Pleasure posts come to me during commercial breaks on the country radio stations I listen to in my truck. Much like Peyton Manning with all of his checkdowns, when the commercials come on I go to the alt rock station, then the indie station, the pop station and finally the AAA station looking for my best option. I recently scored a touchdown (so to speak) when I heard today’s song on the AAA station. Oddly enough, I first thought I was hearing a song off of the new Mumford and Sons disc (which I still haven’t picked up yet). To my surprise the DJ actually announced who it was — 2012 American Idol champ Phillip Phillips. Considering how many records I own by former contestants (and yes, I did pick Phillips’ fantastic debut) I should really start watching the show. Come to think of it, maybe not. I don’t think I could actually put up with Mariah and Nicki.

This post was originally posted on Wicked Guilty Pleasures, at http://sobadforyou.blogspot.com/2012/12/27-december-2012-phillip-phillips-home.html. Please check it out over there!


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