24 May 2013 – Suzanne Vega – Blood Makes Noise – over on Wicked Guilty Pleasures

So, what happens when a really good folkie turns her back on folk music and tries her hand at electronic music?

Pretty good, interesting electronic music.   Suzanne went with a mechanical sound and a Metropolis feel to the video, but lyrically, it’s as deep as anything she did as a folkie.

Since this time, Ms. Vega has, of course, returned to folkier ways.  Here is a live version of this song, more punky and less electronic, but still interesting.  This performance is from SxSW 2010.  Note how bass-heavy, and not electronic, this song is.  And yet it works well still.

Finally, here is a minimalist version of the song.  As a gift to my co-blogger Scott, it is preceded by a live version of her song from the “Pretty In Pink” soundtrack, “Left of Center”. (See, Scott – I read your posts!)

This post was originally posted on Wicked Guilty Pleasures, at http://sobadforyou.blogspot.com/2013/05/24-may-2013-suzanne-vega-blood-makes.html. Please check it out over there!


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