16 August 2013 – Charli XCX – What I Like – over on Wicked Guilty Pleasures

This post is 100% pandering.

You see, THIS POST is the 2nd biggest one we’ve ever had…. by far.  And if you want my opinion, it’s for good reason – Charli XCX is a fantastic talent.  If the year were to end today, her True Romance album would be my hands-down pick for Album of the Year.  I honestly think she’s going to get some Grammy love for her hand in writing “I Love It (I Don’t Care).”

But let’s talk about this video.  It feels a little gratuitously jailbait-y to me.  The song is actually quite a sweet love song, and more mature than a woman who JUST turned 21 two weeks ago (and therefore, this one was written when she was in her teens) should be writing.  But this video…. I feel like I shouldn’t be watching this….

Here is an alternate take of the song, from the Banquet Records performance.  It’s a little more stripped down, but still full of emotion.

The song is great, people.  Call your local pop radio station and REQUEST IT!!!!!!!!

This post was originally posted on Wicked Guilty Pleasures, at http://sobadforyou.blogspot.com/2013/08/16-august-2013-charli-xcx-what-i-like.html. Please check it out over there!


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