Eve 6 – Inside Out – over on Wicked Guilty Pleasures

Every Labor Day weekend the Mrs. and I head down to Virginia Beach for an extra long weekend. We hit the same bars and restaurants we like, my wife runs the half marathon and there’s the American Music Festival, which is why I started going.

The festival has concerts every night on seven stages (the main-stage is on the beach and there are six free side stages near the boardwalk). Over the years I’ve seen some great bands there: The B-52s, Cheap Trick, Soul Asylum, Billy Idol, ZZ Top, Bret Michaels, Southern Culture On The Skids, Joan Jett, Train, Jamey Johnson, Warrant (one of Jani Lane’s last shows before getting kicked out of the band), and dozens of others. Beer is cheap and the money goes to local charities. It’s always a fun time.

Well this year it’s going to take A LOT of beer because the line-up is to put it kindly — a crapfest. The main-stage looks like this: Fuel/Daughtry on Friday, Smash Mouth/Barenaked Ladies on Saturday and Third Eye Blind on Sunday. Sounds like a killer festival . . . 15 years ago. The free stages are no better. On Saturday I have the option of seeing Eve 6/Sugar Ray. OR Eve 6 and then walk 5 blocks to see Modern English. Or say “screw it,” find a bar and watch Georgia vs. Clemson. It’s almost a no-brainer. Anyway here’s the “Tender Heart in a Blender” song by Eve 6. I’m sorry.

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