25 March 2014 – Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights – over on Wicked Guilty Pleasures

Sports-related depression is a real, but mostly stupid thing. In that same respect, I’m a real, but mostly stupid person. I can relate. Not to go into the brutal details of Saturday night (suffice to say if you know me, you know what game tore my heart out) I found myself drinking beers and watching old alternative music videos on YouTube to cheer me up. Music saves.

After a steady stream of Belly and Velocity Girl videos I somehow ended up watching a bunch of Kate Bush videos. Let me start by saying I adore Kate Bush. Such a unique singer and songwriter. BUUUUUUUT (that’d be a big but), her videos are so unintentionally funny. I sent Tony a message the moment my eyes peeped the over-dramatic interpretive dancing for the Wuthering Heights video (always one of my favorite songs by her) which read: “Kinda drunk so it’s up to you to remind me to post Kate Bush Wuthering Heights video on WGP. LMAO. Great song, the video . . .” To which he replied: “The video is epic.” I knew I was on to something.

He never did remind me so I guess I was in better shape than I thought. Anyway, something tells me this won’t be the last epic interpretive dance-laden Kate Bush video that I post here (there are some doozies out there). But for now let’s enjoy the video for her first single from 1978.

This post was originally posted on Wicked Guilty Pleasures, at http://ift.tt/1p0aCdV. Please check it out over there!


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