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Videos that blew me away – Part 1

Being a child of the music video revolution, I still seek them out.  Here are a bunch that absolutely blew me away.  Visually interesting, at the very least.

Stereogram – Walkie Talkie Man

I first heard this song as an iPod commercial, and saw the video one day on MTV2…. you know, when THEY played music videos (they don’t as much anymore).  I thought the entire video being knitted was just plain cool.

Hugh Cornwell – Another Kind of Love

Hugh was the lead vocalist for a band called The Stranglers.  This was his solo debut, and yes, I know, the song is kind of boring.  This video came many years after the Sledgehammer video by Peter Gabriel, but its combination of stop-motion claymation and live action was far more interesting.

Regina Spektor – Us

You know, I don’t JUST like stop-action.  Regina Spektor is a very classy lady, and this is a very classy video.  And I love how she unfolds and plays the piano!

Pixies – Velouria

It’s said that it took the Pixies about 30 seconds to make this video.  It’s simplicity is probably why MTV didn’t initially air the video.  Anyway, I urge you to watch their faces, because some of them are really interesting.

Bob Dylan – Subterranean Homesick Blues

This was the trailer for a Bob Dylan documentary film called Don’t Look Back.  And the first time I saw this video it was just so… simple.  And a lot of the words were wrong.  And when I say that INXS had done the same f*cking thing with Mediate, I was one of the few people in my little circle of friends who was furious and thought it was a ripoff.   However, to give INXS their due….

INXS – The Gift

A later song of theirs (Full Moon, Dirty Hearts, which was a big US flop), but this video has so many elements that blow me away – The explosions! The faces being ripped off!  Andrew Farris air-drumming throughout the video!!! I personally don’t think the band ever looked more bad-ass.

The Ting Tings – Shut Up And Let me Go

I don’t want to hear anyone say “But the White Stripes did this with Seven Nation Army! What a ripoff” because the Ting Tings did it so much better, and they did it with their hands, and they did it bi-directionally.  Plus they used their hands!!!!!!!  The fighting!  The brief 3-D moments!  The fact that the lead singer looks like a blonde version of a friend of mine!!!! Another iPod song with a very cool video!


Curling is good fun!

As those of you who personally know me know about me, I am a curler.  And a pretty good one for an amateur.  In Canada, more people curl than play hockey!  Well, Quebec duo Bowser and Blue wrote a song about it.

And I have to say, it’s pretty true.  The guy who can curl always DOES get the girl!


How exactly does this happen?

How exactly did the noodles get there and how is Roy able to fish for koi without opposable thumbs?